Saturday, September 17, 2011

Suffer / Enjoy To Adaption?

Many still learning to adapt to the expectation of the society such as education qualifies, interpersonal skills require, socialize skills. For the sake of it, we did not learn how to enjoy to meet those expectations instead we take it with stress and pressures. Everyday of our life is just trying to adapting the changes with this world which in the end is pointless.

Bible said: "do not conform to the pattern of this world, instead be renewed with the mind of the Holy Spirit".

In conclusion, don't live your life to meet the changes of this world. Live your life in which the Holy Spirit teach you what is right. We don't live to suffer on earth, we live to enjoy and by setting a good example. This is my toughest assignment I been doing so far =)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back to the Basic

At times, I felt demotivated to work because of the opportunity cost - forgo the chance to attend church service. Burdening myself to be fruitful in things. Putting own pressure to achieve better results but ended up worsen the situation. Hopeless for the future. Being so pessimistic at times.

Once again, God inspired me in camp with the most basic yet powerful message from Rev. Surendran. The most life changing message is still sticking back to the basic - 'The Gospel'. Did not expect to go for these camp either =x.

Jesus always teach us using the example of tree and vine. Unfortunately, most Christians often over emphasis on the fruit therefore causing themselves in deep trouble - working for salvation! Most often, Church service & duties has became a responsibility to us - weekly routine task. Need to sleep early on Saturday night, wake up early in the morning attend Sunday School & service (sienz ah~~~). This week guitarist again, play the same old songs (sienz ah~~~~). Saturday lead the youth (sienz ah~~~).

But be reminded, from the very 1st day you commit your life to God & believe Jesus as your Lord & Savior, you are a free man!!..Jesus once spoken 'remain in me, so that I will remain in you'. Jesus simply want us to develop strong RELATIONSHIP with Him!..relationship involves trust, friendship and faith. Why focus on bearing the fruits?Focus on your relationship with Jesus & you will automatically produce the fruits! We go church not because we NEED to go church but is we WANT to go church because of having RELATIONSHIP with God =)

Be joyful because you are already saved from sins!..We are once slaves to sins but now you are no slaves to anything. Not even to the one who save you from sins - God calls you as His FRIEND. Christians are not significant people instead everything Christians do become so SIGNIFICANT! Do anything with GOD and for GOD! No matter I work, futsal, study, yam cha, pak toh, bla bla bla~ I DO IT FOR HIM & I DO IT WITH HIM =). But also do it for good and for the good of others - not to do things which risk yourselves - always clubbing, smoking, drugs, rape, addiction to cyber, rob, steal or bla bla bla~.

Lets consider ourselves. How much time you spend to talk with Jesus? How often do you read your bible to know Him more? How long did you not wish your Dad ' good morning' and 'good night' ?

People says is so hard to be a Christian (T.T) but in fact we make ourselves difficult to be a Christian. I am happy to be a Christian because I leave my concerns & worries to my dearest Father in heaven =). I can let Him schedule my time =). I can ask anything from Him =). I can share my secrets to Him when I want to =). I can depend on Him when I am in trouble =). That is why I so LOVE to sing for Him, dance for Him, worship Him forever =)

Christianity is about loving God, trusting God, friend-ing God =)

Friday, March 25, 2011


Honesty is being open-minded, unselfish & being REAL
Honesty may hurts but most importantly it RESTORES
Many find hard to be honest because of shamefulness
but they do not know honesty will take away their SHAME

It is because of honesty I learn to ACCEPT
because of honesty I learn to LOVE
because of honesty I learn to FORGIVE
because of honesty I learn to LET GO
because of honesty I learn to MOVE ON

No secrets can hide, No secrets can lie..

Future, Past, Present

Where do you live in?
The future, past or the present?
I'm a person who lives in the past
looking back my good old days
my past achievements
my past failures & mistakes
some said the history will repeat itself
does it means we will never learn from mistakes?
NO! History Won't Repeat but It remains..

The Past,
what have done had be done...
the scars will never be remove...
The most difficult thing is to accept something
you could not accept but you Must..
You can't travel back to time to change history
Accept the fact! Move on!

tomorrow is future
yesterday is history
is meaningless to look backwards
is also meaningless to look forward
since we do not know what's ahead
is also useless to said 'do it now'
while you still sitting on top of ur chair

Does it so important to live in these 3 categories?

we will never be a good planner for our future
but God will plan the best schedule for our future

The Bible said : Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Jesus is the same...
Since Jesus is the past, present & the future,
Why don't we put our lives into Him?
His the best planner for our life
& His the everything we NEED in our life.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

This Week Program

Alrighty, the FIFA's World Cup Fever are here.
Well the way to cool off ourselves, is to play football, well obviously is futsal :P

So this Saturday we are heading to have some futsal fun! :)

Time: 12pm (11:30am Meet at church)
Venue: Challenger Stadium
Fees: RM5 per person
Note: Bring extra money for lunch and extra T-shirt
cause you don't want people to say that you stinks. haha :P but anyway the smelly aura will make us feel even more manly so it depends on you! :)

This Week Prayer

Oh God, the pressures of my busy life weigh upon me, and I confess that I have not taken the time to develop a deep familiarity and fellowship with You. I have not really opened my heart to You, nor have I taken the time to know by experience the openness of Your heart to me. Help me over these next several days to take the time to learn about true prayer from a man who was mastered by the Holy Spirit in prayer, who knew what it was to learn of You behind prison walls. Help me to pray in order to know you better. Help me to pray so I might be empowered to witness before those who need to accept the truth of the Gospel of Your precious Son,
for his sake I pray. Amen

True Prayer

God commands us to pray. He commands to pray in public and in private. Prayer brings those who have the spirit of supplication into a wonderful communion and fellowship with God; therefore, God has ordained prayer as a means for us to grow in a personal relationship with Him.

When we pray often and actively, our prayers acquire great things from God, both for those for whom we pray as well as for ourselves. Prayer opens our heart to God. Our prayers are the means by which our souls, though empty, are filled by God to overflowing. In our prayers, we Christians can open our hearts to God as to a friend, and obtain a fresh confirmation of His friendship with us.

I might spend many words in distinguishing between public and private prayer. I might also distinguish between prayer in the heart and prayer that is spoken aloud. Something also might be said regarding the differences between the gifts and the graces of prayer. But I have chosen to make it my business to show you only the very heart of prayer, without which all your lifting up, both of hands and eyes and voices, will be to no purpose at all.

We must learn and apply what the Scriptures teach. Paul wrote and gave us an example, "I will pray with Spirit." Therefore, I will tell you: first, what true prayer is; second, what it is to pray with the Holy Spirit; third, what it is to pray with the Spirit and with the mind; and fourth, what are some uses and applications of what I have explained about prayer,

Prayer is a sincere, sensible, affectionate
pouring out of the heart or soul to God, through
Christ, in the strength and assistance of the Holy
Spirit, for such things as God has promised,
or according to the Word of God, for the good of
the Church, with submission in faith to the will of God.

This definition includes seven things which I must discuss in detail in the following pages. First, your prayers must be sincere. Second, your prayers must be sensible. Third, your prayers must be an affectionate pouring out of your soul to God the Father through Jesus Christ. Fourth, if you want your prayers to be effective, you must pray by the strength and assistance of the Holy Spirit. Fifth, for your prayers to be answered according to the will of God, you must pray for such things as God has promised, or according to His Word, the Bible. Sixth, your prayers should not be selfish, but should keep in view the good of the Church as well as others. Seventh, you should always pray in faith and with submission to the will of God.

Small Little Announcement

Alrigthy, I'm back into the updating business.

Sweet, just a little announcement for all, I will be updating this blog every Thursday, either is it program list or some devotional readings to your soul.

Well For this month, I will be updating about "How To Pray In The Spirit" devotional prayer written John Bunyan during the 1600's.

I hope y'all will spend just some little time with God with this devotional prayer.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lamest Excuse

LoL sweet, sorry for not updating the blog for quite a long time.
Will be back updating soon.

Yea, I know I'm giving the lamest excuse :P..

But anyway will be back with more devotions and updates :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010


For A Better Picture of the Form. Click here.
Mission Game by Impact

Discover your passion for Mission.
June 17-19, 2010
Venue: Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary
Cost: RM110 with food and lodging
Rm80 with food but without lodging.

Well guys what y'all think? Wanna go?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Saturday Practices

Alright, this Saturday it's gonna be a whole busy day for us.
Okay, here's the time and turns of activities.

On 10AM in the morning, we will have a prayer meeting for our Evangelistic Boom 2. Pastor Lim and Mother Kwai Chee and also my dad will be there to pray for us. Do come and have a prayer meeting with us. Let's us be united in prayer and seek God in what He wants us to do for EB2.

On 12:30PM just before 2:15PM, we will have our worship practices. Do note for the band worshipers to come between that time.

After That on 2:15Pm onwards, we will have our drama practices, a plenty of time for those who have tuition classes~ :)

Do note to bring some presents or cakes for our special Bro. Wai Hong, cause he's birthday is this Wednesday but yea let's give a belated celebration. I guess.